1g Cardan #7 Tier 3 Live Resin Badder


Uplifting and exuberant, this Sativa-leaning cross of Blue Dream and Rick Jamez is a sweet and piney treat with notes of creamy berries and Kush. You’ll be inspired and invigorated, with a dreamy head rush and tingling body buzz to keep you mellow out as you move through your day.

This malleable wax is produced using fresh frozen flowers to retain more terpenes for a more flavorful concentrate. The term badder is often used interchangeably with ‘budder’ or ‘butter’ but typically badder is looser (more liquidy) than budder, though both are known for a smooth texture that is easy to dab, vape, or sprinkle on a bowl.

READ MORE POTENCY 84.81% THC EFFECTS Balanced AROMAS Kush, Pine, Sweet LINEAGE Blue Dream x Rick Jamez #28

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