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Dime Bag | Blackberry Kush (1/2 OZ) INDICA

Blackberry Kush, also known as “BBK” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Afghani with Blackberry. Blackberry Kush produces relaxing effects, and is often recommended for pain management thanks to its strong body high. Blackberry Kush offers a hashy flavor profile with a jet fuel taste and aroma balanced out with sweet berries.

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Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is a cultivar of unconfirmed origins and features approximately 80% indica characteristics, THC content testing as high as 20%, and negligible amounts of CBD.Many breeders believe Blackberry Kush to be a combination of an Afghani landrace with either Blackberry or DJ Short Blueberry. However, some also believe Bubba Kush or OG Kush genetics play a role in the strain. The buds feature anaromatic blend of fresh berries and damp soil, with flavors that lean closer to an earthy, almost diesel-like palate with a sweet berry flavor.

Medical marijuana patients opt for Blackberry Kush for its powerfully sedating high, producing euphoric happiness and uplifting moods. Others claim the cultivar (often referred to as “strain”) helps stimulate appetite and serves as a valuable companion for combatting stubborn insomnia.


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