CAM’s Runtz | 14g | Private Reserve


CAM’s Runtz | 14g | Private Reserve

We always have, and always will.

We are infatuated with the sparkle of a gorgeously mature bud, the hints of grape and melon in a perfectly cured flower, the neroli notes of a rare skunk varietal, and the gas and burning rubber notes in our OG’s.

Working with cannabis is a wonderful alchemy of climate, genetics, patience, and sometimes even luck.

CAM has been our life and passion for nearly two decades, woman-owned and grown, established back in 2009.

We understand just how privileged we are to be around this plant on a daily basis.

Each time we harvest we learn something new, and every morning when we walk into our gardens, we’re reminded of just how lucky we are.

It’s all about inspiration, and practice, practice, practice!

New to California, but we carry the same mantra each day… “you are only as good as your last round.” 

We hope you enjoy the flowers just as much as we enjoyed growing them – California Artisanal Medicine

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