Midnight Blueberry | 100mg | CBN 5:1 | Gummies


Our top-selling product – and for a reason. When the day’s demands set you up for a restless night, there’s a perfect companion waiting for you: Midnight Blueberry Camino ‘Sleep’ Gummies, specially crafted to lull you into a deep and tranquil sleep that will leave you feeling truly refreshed.

With a carefully crafted blend of 5MG THC and 1MG CBN with indica-like terpenes plus chamomile and lavender extracts, these delicious gummies settle you down into a smooth slumber as if you’re underneath the stars.

THC acts on CB1 receptors in the nervous system and has been associated with greater ease of falling asleep- as well as pain management, which contributes to better sleep.

CBN (aka Cannabinol) is shown in preliminary studies to have tranquil properties, particularly when paired with THC.

Chamomile is widely regarded as a sleep-inducer, creating a mild effect that helps decrease anxiety.

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