P- Cantaloupe Dream | 1000mg Disposable


SIGNATURE LINE: Cantaloupe Dream, formerly “Cantaloupe Runtz” (SATIVA) Cantaloupe Runtz is a sativa leaning hybrid strain made by crossing Cantaloupe Haze x Runtz. Much like the name suggests, Cantaloupe is a sweet mix of tropical and citrus flavors delivering a pleasant vaping experience with an in-your-face melon sweetness. Shortly after enjoying this fantastic sativa, you will feel an energetic burst of cerebral activity and euphoria. Enjoy the vibe! Powered by Dime Industries hardware, this device offers 3 heat settings, pre-heat function, easy air flow, and is USB-C rechargeable. Give your buds a delicious treat backed by the industry’s most powerful battery!

Genetics: Cantaloupe Haze x Runtz Effects: Euphoric, Energizing, Focused Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, Linalool, A-Pinene

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