1g: starburst 36 strain #1 Persy Water Hash



In a jar of our 6-star water hash, all you’re getting are pure resin glands – full of rich, nuanced flavor just as the genetics intended. Our water hash is also known as full-melt because the trichome heads can be dabbed, congealing at the proper temperature instead of burning black. This is our favorite form of concentrate.

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1g: starburst 36 strain #1 Persy Water Hash

Rosin is made using a solventless refinement process that presses the cannabis (hash or flower, all good) between two heated metal plates. Done just right, the results are a gorgeous golden-white or yellow oil or budder. 710 Labs creates Live Rosin in persy, 1st press and 2nd press tiers.


710 Labs is more than industry OGS, They’re standard-setting, award-winning innovators and artists obsessed with quality, expertise, and evolving the cannabis craft. They go above and beyond to deliver the best f#!$ing product you’ll ever try.


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