Waui Moon Rock Blunt


Your Presidential Moon Rock Blunts consist of estate grown, single sourced flower. The flower is then INFUSED with premium distillate formulated by award winning manufacturer Rove, using Presidential’s proprietary infusion process that enables us to permeate the flower to the stem. Finally, it is coated in the highest quality kief, creating the slowest burning, most potent Moon Rocks on the market! Our blunts are ground and rolled in 100% tobacco free wraps for your enjoyment! Waui is a vacation in every puff!

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Welcome to Presidential, Home of the World’s Strongest Cannabis Products. We are committed to bringing the most innovative cannabis products to the market, with a focus on a standard of excellence, reliability and customer service.

​At Presidential we are renowned for our Infused Moonrock Prerolls which are known for being “The World’s Strongest Prerolls” as well our Infused Moonrocks which we introduced to the market back in 2012. Considered one of the founding fathers of the infused product market in the U.S. We take pride in continuing to lead product innovation with the introduction of our revolutionary Infused Moonrock Blunts which are 100% tobacco free. We are fully licensed in the state of California and only offer the finest quality products that are fully batch tested for a safe smoking experience.

​Founded on the American spirit of entrepreneurship. Our goal at Presidential is to combine organically grown cannabis with cutting edge, science & technology to create the safest most reliable and innovative products on the market. We have proven that great entrepreneurs and teams are made through experiences, hard work and inspiration. We now serve customers all over the state of California. Find us on lemonnadestrain.


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