Dark Web | 3.5g


Floral, sugary and slightly spicy with subtle vanilla high notes whose sweetness will linger in your nose even after you’ve resecured the lid. The deep purple margins are contrasted nicely by the orange of the soft bushy pistils bringing to mind a Halloween color scheme. A thick coat of twinkling trichomes make this flower look better than sour candy. These very dense and triangular nugs resemble the wrist bones of a long dead demon or those four sided dice you need for attack rolls in DnD. The flavor is creamy and berry sweet on the pull with an earthy yet smooth exhale and a slightly soapy aftertaste. A soothing and relaxing hybrid, consumption of which results in a clear headed high with a nice body-buzz. Good for movies, playing some games or just kicking back with friends. Not bad for creative work either as it will keep you focused and alert. —– Hybrid Lineage: UNKNOWN CLONE ONLY —– Prominent terpenes: D-Limonene β-Caryophyllene Linalool

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