Cereal Milk | 1g | Live Resin Badder



Cereal Milk Live Resin Badder – It’s what’s for breakfast! Extracted from a Hybrid pheno of the Y Life x Snowman cross, Cereal Milk has a doughy and floral nose with hints of citrus. The texture is smooth and creamy, and dabbed from a clean piece, a flavor of ripe berries and vanilla overwhelms the palate. A positively uplifting live resin extract, its effects cultivate a relaxing and creative headspace with deep focus.

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Cereal Milk | 1g | Live Resin Badder

Concentrates are cannabis products produced with a solvent to isolate active compounds or are manually concentrated using sieves or pressure. Concentrates have high potencies when compared with flower products and require specialized equipment to consume directly. Concentrates are best enjoyed through vaporization and usually have an immediate onset. On average the effects of concentrates last 1-3 hours with the typical peak experience occurring within 30 minutes.


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